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so... who am I?

so... who am i?

Hi. My name is Melodie, last name is Young. And yes... This is my actual name. I don’t like titles, so I just like to think that I am an artist. I write music, poetry, and I dance and model.

I love being outside, being with my close friends, listening to music, writing music, I love the beach, hiking, photography and traveling. I want to see the world and learn about new cultures.

I love chipotle, I speak spanish and little bit of arabic. I am a dancer, I don’t like to wake up early, and I can juggle.

I am your everyday girl with an attitude.

Once upon a time in 1998...

I was born in Toronto in 1998, in a typical, though, not so typical middle class family. My dad is from Peru and my mom is from Lebanon. I spent my childhood in North York, an area of Toronto.

My dad has always been a motivation for me…

My dad is a musician from Peru. He started singing when he was 14 years old. My dad is a well known salsa singer in Peru, he was one of the top in the country in his time. He moved to the US where he played music for a couple of years. After sometime he decided to move to Canada. He became a realtor and opened a restaurant in Toronto. He became very busy and his health started to decline unfortunately leading him to stop playing music.

My mom has been my mentor and teacher…

My mom was born in Lebanon - a muslim country with very strict rules. She moved to Canada as a refugee to escape the war and find a better, more sustainable place to live. She has gone though a lot of tough moments trying to find a place where she would be happy. I am forever thankful that she has been raising me with a thought that my personal happiness is the number one priority. Many would think that this is egoistic but I know that you can’t help others when you can’t even help yourself.

They've met and fell in love

My parents worked in restaurants across from each other. My father was studying to become a realtor and my mom was studying to become a math teacher. He needed math for his exams, so she tutored him. My father was still performing music then, so she went to all of his concerts. They’ve spent a lot of time together and after a while, fell in love. In my mom’s religion it is against the rules to marry someone outside their religion. So it was not easy for them but similar to those good hollywood movies and cliche stories, they got married and live happily.

I started singing when I learned to speak

My parents kept telling me that I started singing the day I learned how to speak. I guess music is in my blood that was inherited from my father.

I got a piano at 5

My dad was an amazing musician and a huge motivation for me. I saw how passionate and concentrated he is when writing and playing music. When I turned 5 my dad got me a piano teacher. It was hard cus he was so eager to have me play the piano, that it felt kind of forced to the point where I fell out of love with it. I wanted to be just like him and wanted him to be proud of me but I also hate being told what to do.

I kept music to my self

Music has always been my passion but I have always kept it to myself. I’d never sing in front of people. I would sing in the shower or in my room when my parents and family weren’t home. My mom told me that when I was little she would always walk past my room and hear me singing.

I taught myself poetry

I would also write poetry as a kid. I taught myself how to rhyme and different style of poetry. I’d write small poems, and sometimes I’d create a melodies and play a guitar.

I have always been misunderstood...

Another reason I fell in love with music was that as a kid I have always been misunderstood and never been good at expressing myself. This is why I love arts so much. They help me express myself, relieve the tension and negative emotions. Dancing for example, gave mу an outlet to express myself through movement. It was really helpful because as a kid if I were angry, hip-hop would help me get that out. Slower dances would help me relax and not think about anything.

I was learning very fast but i had to stop…

When I went to high school I had to sway away from music. My high school was very academic. There was a lot of pressure to be academically smart. Everyone was very intelligent.. If you did anything artsy, you would be considered stupid, you would be judged by pretty much everyone. It felt like even the teachers thought it’s silly to do arts. I had to put the music aside started doing science, which I also really love.

I was a tomboy with exceptional girliness

I was such a tomboy...

I have an older brother and an a nephew who is older than me. So it’s basically like having two older brothers. Growing up with them wasn’t always easy; they would toughen me up 24/7. I played a lot of sports as a kid: soccer, volleyball, track and field. I was such a tomboy.

But my cousins kinda changed that

Then, I started spending more time with my older, more-girly cousins. We would have sleepovers, they would help me put my makeup on, wear different outfits and show me how to take care of myself.

and I became a floater...

Even though I was a shy kid I have always spent time with people. I was a floater. I floated between groups a lot. I went to school with my brother. So everyone knew me as DJ’s little sister. People accepted and knew me, so I could fit in a lot of groups, but I never felt like I was me.

I tried taking a standard way of living

When I graduated high school, I’ve tried taking a standard way of living. I got accepted to a good university, started planning my life, had a part-time job. Fortunately, I had a lot of friends who were older than me; I could see what and how they were doing. I’ve spent many hours thinking about what’s going to be next and soon realized – “FUCK! I don’t want to live like that.” I didn’t want my life to be grey and be – school, home, work, home, kids, work, rare vacations, work, die.

Fuck! I don’t want to live like that.

I took a full responsibility and a risk...

While thinking and researching my future can bring, I had an epiphany – “I can do what I want; there was no one judging me anymore!”. As I previously mentioned I had to stop with music because of the school I went to and the people I was with. I made a decision, I want to live my life the way I want to, do things I am happy about. I don’t want to wake up every morning feeling miserable. I understood it’ll be hard, but it I knew it’s better to try and fail rather than regret that I didn’t even try.

My goal is that I want to live my life doing what I love. Music is my passion and what makes me happy. It is what helps me express myself, my thoughts, desires.I have always been scared but I am not scared anymore because who cares! It’s time to do what I want.

I took action… a lot of action

I had a piano and a guitar. I started writing poetry again. Acting wise- I messaged about 80 agencies. With music I tried to contact loads of producers and musicians. I didn’t even know if they were legitimate. A couple of them messages me back. I went to auditions, met a lot of agents and people from the field. I was trying to find someone who can help me. This is how I met Thomas L.. We found out that we have the same visions and goals. We thought that we should do it for real.

Thomas L.

I met Thomas in the summer of 2017. He was one of the first people who messaged me back. He seemed the most interested. He asked me to send him voice clips. Right away he messaged me back – “This is the voice I have really been looking for!” Then, I went to his studio. He showed me a couple of tracks. I was just vibing to the music and was like – ”wow… ”. We wanted the same thing, we had the same goals and we were like – “Let’s just do it! Let’s go!”. I appreciate his presence in my life, because he is has helped me grow as a musician. He has taught me how to write, compose, produce and guided me to his best knowledge and experience. I am very thankful for that.

I am who I am and I am proud of that!

I have always been scared people’s opinions and thoughts. I was always taught that my opinion doesn’t matter and I was pressured to do things so I can fit in. I would be controlled by what people think about me. What I understood is that every single person in the world is different and has different values. I don’t want the opinions of other to dictate who I am. If opinions of others control who I am I would never be authentic. If I was born to fit in I would never stand out. I AM WHO I AM AND I AM PROUD OF THAT.

I want people to have a voice with my music

I want people who don’t really know how to express themselves to have a voice. It's not easy for me to express myself, especially when it comes to thoughts and emotions. With singing and music I am able to put thoughts and emotions into music and words.

I want to help people to understand, relate and feel how I felt in a certain moment. I want people to know that they are not the only ones who are feeling this way. When I hear a song that really touches me, it is interesting to know that the one who wrote the song went through the same thing or felt the same way that I am feeling.

My music

The world is my playground...

I constantly come out of my comfort zone. I see the world as a huge playground, where anything is possible if I really want it and work hard enough. I look for constant improvement, whether it is music, life, fitness, dancing, relationship or anything else. I strive to become better.

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